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Why do I work on Amplication

October 03, 2020

I love to teach, teaching allows me to reassert the lessons I’ve learned and discovered logical leaps I’ve made. Another thing is through the lenses of fresh eyes I discover unsolved problems in the onboarding of a person to a new subject. Programming is a great example of that. Syntax, source control, naming conventions, code sharing, and testing are a few problems that I find beginners struggle with again and again. Those skills are important for writing quality code but what if you don’t want to write code? Maybe you have little background in programming, have experience with a completely different coding environment, or just need to get a thing done ASAP.

Any coding environment has a learning curve, but what if we could flatten the curve? This is the general mission of the Low Code movement: making coding more accessible by simplifying the workflow of developers.

The thing is simplifying solutions has a price tag: it makes them less flexible so it can actually become harder to create solutions with Low Code that fit the needs of the developer.

It doesn’t help that most low code platforms are proprietary. In this decade developers got used to the fact that most of their tools are open source: libraries. programming languages, infrastructure even their IDEs. With open-source, if I miss a feature I can just fork the code and make the changes I need or at least have an open discussion with the maintainer and the community. In contrast, today’s Low Code systems are closed source and are managed by enterprises that require you to send them a support request when you miss something and have complete control over what is getting into the product and whatnot. In other domains, history proved this system for developer tools is wrong.

With Amplication we are looking to disrupt the Low Code scene with an open-source product. By going open source we are letting developers own their tool and also giving solutions for common problems with making low code tools that we hope will help advance the low code movement as a whole.

I hope that in the near future with Amplication developers will be able to deliver data services without knowing git, a programming language syntax, types an API framework, Admin UI framework, ORM, SQL, Docker, cloud deployment, or how to implement RBAC while still own software that includes all of them so if they do know those they will be able to modify the code

I believe that to get there we need a strong community that can help us include in the platform everything developers need to create such systems so users of the platform won’t need to code those solutions.